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How long are the counselling sessions?

All sessions, including the first one, are 50 minutes long. 

What are your prices?

Fees begin at £35 per session for our Reduced Rate Service and we take your situation into account so our prices are flexible to ensure affordability for you.

Can I come for just one session to see if counselling is what I'm looking for?

Yes, absolutely. There is no obligation to stay with us and you have the control to walk away at any point, but we will always try to help you find what you need.



Do you have a cancellation policy or fee if I can’t attend my counselling session?

We know that sometimes unexpected things pop up, so we are generally happy to reschedule to another day free of charge. As long as you give us enough notice, there are no fees for cancelling sessions. 

How many sessions will I need?

At 5th Avenue, we offer open-ended therapy, which means that you have control over your own counselling. It is up to you to decide how often you want sessions, and you and your therapist will be able to discuss finishing whenever you feel ready to. 

Do you offer couples counselling?

Yes, we have a variety of counsellors at each of our locations offering a  wide range of therapies, one of which is couples counselling.



Do you offer counselling for children?

Yes, many of our counsellors specialise in therapies for young people of all ages, including Play Therapy and Creative Therapy. 

What are the range of problems you can help with?

Whatever it is you need to talk about, we have several counsellors who are trained to help you. Counselling is all about having a safe space to talk about absolutely any topic. Common reasons for coming to therapy are bereavement, anxiety, phobias, low mood or depression, eating disorders, relationship problems - nothing is outside the expertise of our large team of counsellors, and the reasons for coming are not in any way limited.

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